Be the Energy in Our Future

ETLAQ is a graduate training program which has been designed to lay the foundations for an accelerated career within the utilities industry. The unique curriculum, which has been developed and managed by TAQA, Abu Dhabi’s low carbon power and water champion and one of the UAE’s largest listed companies, serves to attract, select and develop tomorrow’s leaders. Going further than traditional training programs, ETLAQ serves as a launchpad for Emirati graduates with outstanding academic credentials seeking to build their careers in one of TAQA’s operating companies.

ETLAQ’s rigorous 12-month program integrates fresh Emirati graduates into TAQA Group, using a blend of talent development methodologies (including classroom learning), on-the-job training and project work. The dynamic program provides exposure to industry leaders and experts who will share their knowledge of real-life work experiences.

Upon successful completion of the program, each ETLAQ participant will be placed into a full-time entry-level management role within TAQA Headquarters or one of its UAE operating companies, each of which have a crucial role to play in the overall utilities sector.

ETLAQ challenges the Emirati youth of today to Be the Energy in Our Future.

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The ETLAQ Journey

The ETLAQ learning and development journey lasts 12 months, comprised of two phasesL Workplace Readiness Training and On-The-Job Training.

Both phases include assessments to facilitate feedback and ensure that key components of learning have been acquired by the participants. Trainees who complete both phases successfully will graduate from the ETLAQ program into a full-time role in TAQA HQ or one of its UAE subsidiaries.

Phase 1 Workplace Readiness Training

The Workplace Readiness Training phase immerses graduates into a blended learning experience. Moving between classroom-based managerial skills training, sector visits, both local and international, as well as project work based on real-life business cases. In this phase, ETLAQ trainees will develop the basic skills and expertise required to successfully enter the workplace.

Phase 2 On-The-Job Training

Upon completion of the Workplace Readiness Training, trainees will move into On-The-Job Training, where they will work within the scope of their target role, learning from seasoned professionals and rotating through adjacent functions to gain a deep understanding of the target position and how it fits into the overall business.

Potential Career Paths

The ETLAQ Candidate

  • The ETLAQ candidate is a talented Emirati with a minimum of a bachelor degree from an accredited university in the United Arab Emirates or abroad.

  • The candidate is highly motivated and has worked hard to attain a GPA of 2.5 or above (or equivalent).

  • The candidate has recently graduated or is about to graduate and is looking for a career that unleashes his/her potential.

  • The candidate is interested in the utilities sector and is excited to be part of the energy transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

  • The candidate has excellent English language skills and a dynamic and ambitious personality.

Eligibility Criteria

Must have a relevant accredited university degree as defined below:

Track Example degree
Corporate Functions (Audit & Risk, Communications, Human Capital) Audit, Business, Compliance, Communications, Marketing, Human Resources, Psychology, Risk Communication & Marketing
Finance & Econometrics Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or similar
IT & Cyber Security Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cyber Security or similar
Power & Water Electrical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or similar

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All applications must be completed and submitted by July 8, 2024.

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What to expect once you submit your application for ETLAQ:


Selected candidates will be invited to complete ETLAQ’s behavioral and cognitive assessments by 15 July 2024


Finalists from the assessment phase will be invited to attend interviews with employees from TAQA HQ and its UAE subsidiaries.


Successful candidates will be notified of their placement on the 2024/2025 ETLAQ Program.

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