Sohar Aluminium

TAQA acquired a 40% interest in the Oman-based Sohar Aluminium company in 2010. Sohar Aluminium owns and operates an aluminium smelter that currently produces approximately 375,000 TPA. Adjacent to the smelter is a 1,000 MW power generation facility. The Sohar Aluminium Power Plant (SAPP) lies at the core of Sohar Aluminium’s operations. The plant is fueled by natural gas and uses water from the Gulf of Oman for cooling. Seventy-five percent of the combined-cycle, captive power plant’s output is dedicated to the smelter and the remaining capacity is held in reserve by the operator of the Omani electrical distribution grid.

  • Gross smelter capacity: 390,000 tons
  • Gross installed power capacity: 1,000 MW
  • TAQA ownership: 40%

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